fukk glenn beck [packer diss]

Instead of getting to the perfect level of drunk where you can still remember everything in clear detail, but you are elevated to the supreme level of life enhancing fun and celebrating the Packer’s SUPER BOWL VICTORY last night like most Wisconsinites, Glenn Beck decided to take this opportunity to find something wrong with this beyond joyous occasion and rant about a complete non-issue. This asshole must really hate fun because the moment he chose to complain about took place before the game even started and he remembered to get the word out about it this afternoon when really everyone doesn’t give a FUKK because the best and most deserving team won THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (even though I don’t understand how it’s the world championship because only teams from the United States play in our league, but that’s besides the point because we fukkinggg WON!) and our victory is more important to talk 100% of the time about this whole coming week than the fact that some of the players didn’t put their hands on their heart during the national anthem.

I mean that’s really the issue you chose to talk about???? Can we please give these guys a break? IT IS THE SUPERBOWL ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Could you possibly take into account that they were nervous, trying to get pumped up and the national anthem doesn’t really do it for them, they are focusing on other things at that moment then how terrible Christina Aguilera was doing/looking singing the national anthem?? This is not a representation of the players as people AT ALL and in this moment and probably not thinking “The country that gives them the ability to…pursue their happiness in peace and safety is not worth putting your hand on the heart.” – Glenn Beck

Did anyone see the Cure Duchenne commercial featuring Clay Matthews?? How about Donald Driver’s charity soft ball game? These men work very hard to be where they are and as we saw in the post game interviews, they do appreciate what they have and everything that goes into them being there. Plus, why does this even bother you? Like this reallyyy offended you enough for you to make a lesson out of this to your son and then make a public statement about it? Pretty sure Ben Roethlisburger getting out of 3 rape charges is more controversial than players too in the zone to remember they are on TV and need to act completely traditionally respectful to make sure Glenn Beck doesn’t get offended.

Yes we have had a history of players being accused of sexual assault and I have heard personal stories from friends about Nick Barnett’s disgusting behavior, but hey let’s talk about that too. I am all about quality improvement, but the fact that people are analyzing things to this degree is just ridiculous, but hey maybe we are just too laid back here in Wisconsin.


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One Response to fukk glenn beck [packer diss]

  1. Liz Vicious says:

    Cant stand Beck and fukk the Pack! 🙂 lolz

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