guns on campus

First of all, I understand the gun culture of Texas and all that that entails, but is this a serious idea with serious support that seriously could get passed?? The answer is scary, but the answer is yes. Why would there be any reason for there to be guns on campus? A place where students should be thinking about expanding their mind and teachers helping them do that. That one is beyond me, but law makers in Texas seem to have the answer.

“It’s strictly a matter of self-defense,” said state Sen. Jeff Wentworth, R-San Antonio. “I don’t ever want to see repeated on a Texas college campus what happened at Virginia Tech, where some deranged, suicidal madman goes into a building and is able to pick off totally defenseless kids like sitting ducks.”

Funny thing is, I think that adding guns on campus would lead to an increase chance that people would get shot, not decreased. And even if they were using guns to protect themselves this is just making them more likely to be defensive and think that other people may have guns, so they will bring theirs then everyone will think that at any moment they could get shot.

I know it is your right to bear arms or whatever, but WHY?!?! Guns are scary and FUKKKKIN kill people. Even if there were to be a shooting that is what campus police are for. A student with a weapon in their backpack simply to protect themselves in the off chance that another student decided to go on a rampage that day is just increasing the number of students that are probably going to get shot. Once they hear one gun go off everyone is going to pull out their guns, start shooting and then we have a real problem on our hands.

How about we start passing legislation for better standards of mental health services in our schools starting at an elementary level so that students who are predisposed to violence or mental disorders get the help they need and they don’t end up making crazy videos on youtube then shooting whoever they think will cure their mental hardships. I mean come on! How many times have people talked about how they thought they saw signs of problems, but the student was a good kid generally and they never thought they were capable of this kind of violence.

GUESS WHAT?!?! 2nd graders, high schoolers and college students have all proved to us that they are indeed capable of shooting their peers, teachers and principles and I do not think more guns is the answer. We are living in the nation with the highest rate of mental illness and we continue to try to medicate these people and it is not working. We need to have a better system in place so that early detection happens just like early vision and hearing impairment is detected. Guns in school is never the answer. It will make the students think that more violence will solve their problems when their real problems actually do have solutions and things can and will get better if they receive a more rational form of help.

Parents also need to be making a better effort to talk to their children. It does not make you a bad parent to admit your child may need more help than you are able to give them or your child may be showing signs of abnormal behavior or mental illness. For example, we live in a society where lots of additives go into your food and may be creating detrimental hormonal imbalances in children and that is a whole other issue all on its own.

All I am saying is adding more guns to this already confusing messed up equation is never going to be the answer. We need to give our children the help they need at a young age, make them aware that if they are feeling different, like something is just not right, or in general just angry with the world, there are ways to help them that are not going to make them an outcast, it will in the long run make them a better person if they can deal with these problems now. However I do not believe these means of help are pills, which again is a whole other issue, but parents please stop thinking medication is the be all end all cure for any problems you may come across while raising your child, toughen up help your child deal with their problems naturally — you DID sign up for that the moment you became a parent in the first place.

I just hope people will come to their senses and not add more craziness to the already chaotic life that is growing up and then attending college.


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