nipple rapeage

A few months ago, I find myself with this guy.  He’s cute, older than me, kind of shy, but super sweet and what I feel to be a genuine person. So I go out with him and Celia, he pays for both her and myself, which of course only gives him more points and props in the positive direction.  He has a motorcycle and a nice house; his life appears put together, his head screwed on nice and tight.  This makes him the perfect candidate for macking. I go home with him thatnight and we make out.

He is not a bad kisser, so for now, I’m satisfied to continue to second and maybe even third base.  Before I know it, my shirt is off and he’s tugging at my bra.  I can see exactly where this is going.  He finally gets the bra off and proceeds to suck on my breast for the next ten minutes while we mess around…

And I cannot help but lay there and think to myself:  “Is this what it feels like when I have my own baby and it sucks at my breast?”  I also want to inquire if milk is actually coming from the teet, which could only explain his extensive, tenacious rapeage of my nipple.  But he’s too busy at this point so I keep my mouth shut.

Truth be told, the only consideration I can take into account at this point is that this is yet again, just another GRB (giant retarded baby), except that this one is more real to me than any other GRB, simply because he is sucking on my tit with an intensity that only can be compared to that of my unborn child… Go figure. Way to go Bethany, you know how to pick GRB’s like they’re going out of style.


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