shape ups & easy tone clothing [ridiculous]

So I thought that the Easy Tone shoes and Shape Ups were American and ridiculous enough, but now these brilliant inventors have found another totally useless product for the lazy fatties that are becoming more and more prevalent in the United States, Easy Tone Clothing. I know that people lead busy lives and there are other economical reasoning for not eating as healthy as one could and should, but these quick fixes are NOT what needs to be provided for people to lose weight.

Fast is what is desired in this country, but fast is only good for certain things, like the speed of my MacBook, how quickly a guy offers to buy me a drink at a bar, how little time my hair takes to straighten, or how fast I can run out of the door to make it to work by 7am on Saturday mornings. News flash, losing weight takes hard work and dedication to a new way of living your entire life, from fitting in working out in your schedule, being less stressed, eating right, and thinking about yourself in a positive manner, it does NOT take going to the mall and picking up ridiculously priced freakish looking tennis shoes or strange resistance band equipped pants.

A better bang for your buck would be to buy some actual resistance bands and figure out how to use them, that will save you tons of money. The pants alone are EIGHTY DOLLARS!! You know what else you could buy with that money???? A FUKKIN PERSONAL TRAINER that is what. Or maybe some vegetables, whole-wheat pasta, lean meat and fish. That is what will actually help you lose weight.

I am sorry it is not that fun to sweat and be sore, but eventually it will pay off so just start. There are even fun ways to work out like playing tennis, swimming, dancing, walking your dog, or by having hot sex. I know it is a burden to be overweight, but you got yourself that way and if you want to live a full long life where you will see your kids grow up, head to the gym or to a nutritionist, not the reebok website, justtttt saying.


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3 Responses to shape ups & easy tone clothing [ridiculous]

  1. shane says:

    i’ve always been a big proponent of tape worms

  2. Adam Kelly says:

    Hell yeah @ this.

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