turn down the music, hide the keg, THE COPS ARE HERE!!!!

So here’s the deal, kids.  And by kids, I mean the younger generation of the 21st century.  Look, this is BIG NEWS.  It deals with the very delicate nature of having/hosting a PARTY, and by party, I mean drinking, dancing, possibly macking, smokinggg… possibly, and anything that has to do with being young and having fun.  If you choose this venture, and if the police may happen to arrive at your door… DO NOT FEAR.  I repeat…. Do NOT panic.  You do not NEED to answer the door.

They can pound and shout and threat but if they have NO WARRANT, you do not need to let them in or even ANSWER the door.  Therefore, if ever you decide to host a PARTY of any sort or nature and the cops come a knocking, REMEMBER, you can continue the party (perhaps turn down the music a little and calm the crowd, away from the door, preferably) and continue on with the FUN.  You don’t need to answer the door, and if, for some reason the door is breached, you DEFINITELY do NOT have to let them in.  DO NOT LET THEM IN!

If you don’t believe me, check out this link–it discusses the things you should and should not do when a cop comes to your door.  There is LEGISLATIVE PROOF that you do not need to let them in.  And by the way, even if you do answer the door and talk to them, they’ll probably try to trick you into letting them in by saying: “We’re going to come in and take a look around, make sure all is well, blah blah…” But all you have to do is say (nicely): “No thank you officer, I do not consent to letting you in my home.”

For me, this brings up a whole slew of issues dealing with our American law enforcement.  Why do the people who swear to protect and help us try to trick us and lie to us to get their way?  Chances are if you are ever questioned or interrogated by a cop, HE/SHE WILL LIE TO YOU TO GET THEIR WAY.  A little sickening don’t you think?  And makes me a little uneasy about ever actually calling them for help.  Personally, I just keep pepper spray with me at all times so as to avoid ever needing the assistance of a cop, which is pretty fucking sad.

No time to be sad, have NO FEAR J.  PARTY MORE!!! LIVE LIFE>>>Be encouraged, the COPs do NOT have to RUIN your Nighttt… Yea.  Makes me want to drink a Guinness and do an Irish jig.





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2 Responses to turn down the music, hide the keg, THE COPS ARE HERE!!!!

  1. Joe says:

    If a police officer see’s someone he even suspects to be underage drinking inside(through a window) or outside of the house, he has what is known as “probable cause” and can enter your house without your permission.

  2. Bethany says:

    Yes, but honestly what cops are peering through windows to target underagers? Let alone be able to tell a 19 yr old from a 21 yr old? And even if they did suspect, would they actually break and enter the house? One of the only situations a cop would lawfully be able to break and enter is if there was a physical fight or screaming or something that indicated violence. I don’t know about you, but I try to avoid parties with violence, gets way too messy..

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