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Why is Gaddafi not a target??

The US military said the coalition campaign, called Operation Odyssey Dawn in the United States, had succeeded in “severely degrading” Gaddafi”s air defenses, but Gaddafi is not the main target of the operation, they are focusing on weakening his military forces, … Continue reading

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The Problem of Evil: Can God be Just?

Lately, I’ve been questioning the existence of God.  Not necessarily whether He exists, because it is so deeply ingrained in my head that of course, He is real, but more importantly, if He does exist, then what’s His deal?  I … Continue reading

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Washington D.C.: Your Sass Monster Guide

Just recently, the two of us took a trip to visit our dear friend Kayla in our nation’s capitol, Washington D.C. Although we surveyed the city as any normal tourists do, by visiting all the national monuments and important government … Continue reading

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If you are unaware that Japan was rocked by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by a tsunami that moved the coastline 8 feet and shifted the Earth’s axis almost 4 inches I would like to know how you disconnect from … Continue reading

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Taking it TOOOO Far.

Fox correspondent becomes presidential candidate for 2012’s Republican presidential nominee. If you are thinking this is yet another far-fetched story being presented as news from the far right, think again. This ludicrous, and quite possibly unethical, chain of events is … Continue reading

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Global Oppression: What is America’s Role?

This is the situation as we now know it in Africa and the Middle East.  All of the below countries are clearly in a state of social unrest with some situations more serious and violent then others.  Its interesting that … Continue reading

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maybe charlie sheen just wants to be the next joaquin pheonix

While most rational human beings should be caring about things in their immediate personal lives or if they have the time and energy, keep up with the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa or the effects Kim Jong-Il’s … Continue reading

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