Taking it TOOOO Far.

Newt Gringrich, ain't he a prize?

Fox correspondent becomes presidential candidate for 2012’s Republican presidential nominee. If you are thinking this is yet another far-fetched story being presented as news from the far right, think again. This ludicrous, and quite possibly unethical, chain of events is currently taking place, possibly meaning that the next president of the United States’ prior work experience could include Former Fox News contributor. Ew.

It was announced Wednesday that Fox News has suspended the contracts of both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum while they explore the possibility of a run for president in 2012. While I am pleased and relieved to report that Sarah Palin’s contract was not suspended (hopefully indicating she is staying out of a race, which seems to be losing its legitimacy faster than Muammar Gaddafi) after googling both possible candidates, I am not confident they are even better alternatives.  Pathetic, right?  Their character is something that can be judged at a later date because what I am most immediately worried about is the impact these connections will have on Fox News’ role in next Presidential race and even in the actual presidency itself if one of their former employees were to win.

Another winner, Rick Santorum

The Fox Effect has already made its imprint not only on the way the media is run in the United States, but also, the way people interpret the news and understand what is going on in the world around them. More than once, Fox News been accused and admitted to using the wrong footage as a tool to change how their audience perceives certain people, events, and issues, for example they have used footage from much more popular events to make their smaller events appear to have just as many in attendance and just last week Bill O’Reilly played video from protests in California to make the peaceful protestors in Wisconsin look violent and uncooperative.

Connecting the world of press and media with the world of politics is not an advantageous move for either the media world or and especially the political world.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want my president to have taken lessons on propaganda and tactics to distort the truth from the masters themselves. Also, how will their viewers be able to separate the politician from the television contributor they have come to love? Is there even a separation to be made? That is the question that has me so confused about this whole situation. After working for a corporation that so strongly opposes Democratic ideas, how can one then go into an office where we are in dire need for BOTH sides to get off their high horses and come to at least some form of middle ground on multiple issues?

And even if Fox gives no money to the campaigns, they have technically been supporting them since they hired these men by paying their salary and giving them a platform to gain popularity and limelight. Also, whether they will go on to deny this or not, all of the contributors from Fox News that go on to run for president are then, in turn, promoting Fox News as the best choice for a news source. Fox News, a network like I mentioned before proven to give false reports of stories, warp statistics to benefit their agenda, and flat out attacks anyone who opposes their point of view in order to eliminate all dissent on their network or even allow their audience to see that there is another side to an issue.

I do understand that they are a cable network and have the right to put whatever they want on the air, but the fact that they are presenting false data as factual information, let alone as accurate news reports puts us in league with North Korea and their twisted, biased, RESTRICTED news media.  They are damaging the intelligence of the American people and while their viewers have to take most of the responsibility in correctly informing themselves on current events, the network has officially taken it too far by employing possible presidential candidates. I’m not saying the place we are now is a good one (in terms of the US government and economy), but believe me when I say that to take it this direction is no better.

Its frightening enough that Donald Trump thinks he may have a chance at a lasting bid for the White House, or that Sarah Palin was a vice-presidential candidate who then went on to have her own reality TV show on TLC, but at least both of those things are not being taken seriously by the majority of the population.

Fox News’ increasing involvement in politics, on the other hand, is something that most people will overlook and that is TERRIFYING.  In a world already filled with so much crazy, this may push everything over the edge and make for an even scarier place than Karl Rove and Dick Cheney could even imagine.  The America that the next, upcoming president will inherit is more of a disaster than the one Obama took on in 2008.  Do we really want a representative of the most obviously biased, propaganda- run news station in the country to be that man??? Combining journalism and news reporting with actual political positions is a recipe for disaster that could impact the way our government is run much more than lobbyists throwing millions of dollars around to keep the laws benefiting their ever increasing bank accounts while the rest of America struggles to get by.   I am not saying that we are going to turn into the one source total control of North Korea, but I am saying that we need to question what is going on behind the scenes in our government because it is our jobs as constituents to keep our politicians in check and stop them from running away with all of the power once we make the decision, informed or not, to elect them to public office for the next 2-8 years.


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