If you are unaware that Japan was rocked by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by a tsunami that moved the coastline 8 feet and shifted the Earth’s axis almost 4 inches I would like to know how you disconnect from reality that hard so I can use your tactics when I really feel like relaxing and not interacting with absolutely anything in the world. Anyways the point is that pretty much everyone and their cat knows about this horrific tragedy that has bodies still washing up on the shore of Japan, but instead of thinking about ways to help the victims, citizens on the west coast of the United States have found a way to turn this all around on themselves and seem to be very concerned about the impact the current nuclear crisis may have on them.

These assholes not only think that they have a realistic chance of getting radiation poisoning, but they are selling pharmacies out of potassium iodine pills, which are used to fight the negative effects of radioactive iodine. I know Americans love a good overdramatic freak out over an unrealistic crisis, but this is really ridiculous and probably the most selfish thing that could possibly happen. Now I realize that the girl who made the “God is Good” video still takes the crown for worst response to this extreme natural disaster when she ranted on YouTube that she believed praying during lent led God to rock the atheists in Japan with the earthquake to prove his existence, even though she now says it was all a big joke, but this mass movement of Americans believing they are in just as much danger as those unable to leave their homes in the villages surrounding the hazardous, failing nuclear power plant is just toooo much for me!

This freak out is happening despite U.S officials putting out reports trying to calm these obviously uneducated or illiterate people that while there are “‘extremely high’ radiation levels [coming] from the Fukushima plant” there is a very minimal chance that the radiation will be blown over the Pacific Ocean and put any of these iodine pill consumers at risk (Update: minuscule traces of radiation has reached the West Coast, but absolutely no health risks have been found to come from it.). Additionally it is very easy to find out online or on any television newscast that the evacuation radius in Japan is only 12 miles despite the ongoing nuclear crisis, which makes me think that all adults should be required by law to enroll in a common sense/unbiased current events class so that they can actually look at a map and get their much needed reality check, but thanks to the new wave of budget cuts we would never even be able to fund this program, so go ahead and stay stupid West Coast. (In case you wanted a reference point to the irrationality of these people’s understanding of global geography, Japan is 5,000-6,000 miles away from the west coast of the United States)

One day I hope everyone comes to their senses and realizes that the world does not revolve around the citizens of the United States and the next time a disaster of this magnitude happens we will think twice before we consume all of the supplies that could save the lives of thousands of much more deserving individuals who not only may be exposed to radiation, but don’t even have a house anymore because it was engulfed in water shortly after being shaken like a ragdoll by mother nature. All of these people who technically wasted their money buying pills that could end up causing them more harm then good because according to The California Department of Public Health’s interim director, Howard Backer, iodine pills “can present a danger to people with allergies to iodine, shellfish or who have thyroid problems, and taken inappropriately it can have serious side effects,” should have “wasted” their money shipping the pills to Japan or donated to the Red Cross or other relief funds. Sadly the general public looking beyond themselves and having concerns for others in the world is probably just wishful thinking and millions of people will continue to suffer as the United States carries on their merry way perpetuating the negative reputation we have built for ourselves in the global arena.


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  1. i know i saw. sooooo hilarious. Nancy Grace really needs to heck herself and her intelligence.

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