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Follow Up: The Problem with Shape Ups

A month or so ago I wrote about how shape up shoes are sending a negative message to the American public, but now there is even more to be disappointed in. Kim Kardashian is now a sponsor for the brand … Continue reading

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Allllll about the dancing :)

I may get a lot of hate for my following comment, but I have said it before and I will say it again…..I think 4/20 is stupid. It is not a holiday by any means at all…even though most holidays … Continue reading

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Bethany’s Beer Bonanza

I love beer.  In my opinion, beer is the most delicious beverage available to a person living on this earth.  So its no wonder that along with these sentiments of mine, that I would find myself working at a restaurant/bar, … Continue reading

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Love at First…Government Override?

For the last few months, Libya has been a country of drama, extreme government, and passionate hatred for the foreigners crossing the boarder…especially reporters. They have been captured, tortured, arrested, and removed from the country all to control the messages … Continue reading

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A gun becomes necessary when…?

Honestly, when does a gun becomes the next item you accessorize yourself with when you are getting ready to head out to the bar for the night? Actually, when does it become an accessory for anyyyy moment in your life … Continue reading

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Natural selection does not seem to be working

United States politics is one of the major reflections of our country to the rest of the world besides Hollywood, so the individuals we elect to represent us then represent our population to everyone who cares to keep up with … Continue reading

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