Natural selection does not seem to be working

United States politics is one of the major reflections of our country to the rest of the world besides Hollywood, so the individuals we elect to represent us then represent our population to everyone who cares to keep up with the GRB drama that is the government.

Not only are a lot of our politicians doing us quite wrong, what up Scott Walker, but those who are not passing totally ridiculous and undesired legislation seem to be filling their time with television appearances and publicity stunts in attempts to further their political career. Sadly, for a few of these politicians their antics are working and getting them more media attention, speaking engagements and hosted dinners. I understand that there may be some appeal in supporting someone with a celebrity demeanor, that is just our culture, but people really need to look further into these individuals before they blindly support them because you are against the “liberal agenda” being promoted as pure evil from the far right or basically just afraid of what is going on in the world and need something more tangible than religion to ease your anxiety.  

Minnesota’s Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is the prime example of this public embarrassment to the United States and the Midwest specifically as she continues on her path to a presidential nominee bid. Not only does she firmly believe that  “There are hundreds and hundreds of scientists, many of them holding Nobel Prizes, who believe in intelligent design” and think we should teach this ideology in our schools, but she has not only influenced the 5 children she gave birth to but 23 other innocent lives she was allowed to be a foster parent to.

Her knowledge of history has also been known to be a little off seeing how she has publicly stated “But we also know that the very founders that wrote those documents worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the United States” and was unsure where the Battle of Lexington took place. Now I am not saying I know all about our nation’s history, but I am not giving speeches on these topics and making myself look extremely ignorant while running for the highest political office in our country. I also am not a firm believer in home schooling, or in this case brain washing and warping the socialization of large groups of impressionable children.

Based on all of these faults I do not believe that this is a woman who we should intrust anything needing brain usage with and for all of the Obama haters, please just be glad that he actually is intelligent and can make rational decisions because his fact database is not based on lies or warped propagated information meant to skew reality for millions of individuals. Also, if you want the democrats out of office you should probably learn from your other poster child with no common sense or intelligence, Sarah Palin, the beauty queen who could not even decide which college to stay with before she became a sportscaster, that helped John McCain lose the 2008 election and choose some one more sensible to lead your party to victory. 

Thankfully Sarah Palin did not have her TLC reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, when she was running for VP, but it is becoming more clear that her political moves are more for making her more famous and a household name rather than benefit our nation. While she is no longer a politician, she is one of the leaders in the Tea Party movement so thousands of people are looking to her for political advise and leadership, which is extremely dangerous. 

Not only does she seem to be slightly crazy and fame obsessed, seeing how she wanted to patent her and Bristol Palin’s names , but on a more political front and giving us evidence for why she in no way shape or form should hold high political office is her belief that “obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies” among other public relation mistakes like when she could not understand what blood libel meant or why that is offensive to Jewish people after she used the term in a very public speech about the Arizona shooting earlier this year.

After her North Korea comment and complete incompetence in other areas, I don’t even want to hear how she would handle the situation in the Middle East and North Africa that Barack Obama is getting so much hate for right now. I understand he went into it a little fast and puts the United States in a some what questionable position, but Sarah Palin most definitely would not have done a better job if she was relying on her foreign policy knowledge and we would be put back in the situation we faced with George W. Bush where Dick Cheney was more than second in command.

Not only is this scary that Sarah Palin is struggling so severely with foreign policy, but another Republican presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, seems to have some serious problems understanding how the economy, more importantly social security works. This may come to be an issue for him if he were ever to become president of the United States seeing how we are in an extreme budget battle with threats of government shut down every week. Here is where he got a little confused…..Santorum declared that abortion and the problems we are facing with social security are directly related because we need the babies we are killing to be working so that the elderly can have income going into their social security bank accounts. Well, first of all that sounds a lot more like socialism than the right would like, but I would have to think that those babies are being aborted for a reason and would be much more likely to eat away at Welfare and ruin the economy more than they would benefit it. However I didn’t think someone who got himself “Google bombed” into having his top search on Google come us as a mix of fecal matter and lube, after saying that gay sex is equivalent to a man having sex with a dog would have much knowledge anyways……but that is the point, how did someone like this end up with the idea and ability to run for president?

My last lost cause that represents why we need to almost just clear out a large portion of the people who think they should call themselves politicians is Roy Moore. He used to be the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court until he put a monument of the 10 commandments outside of his office in the middle of the night and then was forced out of office for publicly declaring his bias standpoint and refusing to remove the statue. Contrary to these radical conservative beliefs, we still have a separation of church and state in this country and bringing in strong religious biases will not improve our nation’s situation. This also goes more against what the founding fathers believed in than the claims of socialism, anti-American and other extreme terminology coming from the right during this dramatic time in political history, so you really should watch what you say next time anyyyy members of the far right give a political address attempting to sway their possible supporters just looking for another fresh face to blindly follow.

These examples bring me back to my point that we need to make a closer examination of the individuals we chose to represent us not only as constituents, but as a country as a whole. We already look quite ridiculous to the rest of the world and have a hard time finding allies to support us in our military action, even when it is just for saving innocent lives in Libya. If we were to elect one of these politicians who cannot even keep their image together on a personal level or understand what our country really stands for or the basic history of it, how are we supposed to trust them with our nation’s image and future. I have to admit I am scared to see where things will go, but excited to report on these crazies as the 2012 election process continues. Who knows what they will say or do and how the public will respond, but I do know that my stomach will be turning and I will be filled with anxiety as the election gets closer and the Tea Party gets stronger with their propaganda allowing them to lure in even more confused followers to their cultic movement.


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2 Responses to Natural selection does not seem to be working

  1. Jimmy Johns says:

    this was boring as shit

  2. Dear loyal hater,

    If what we write on Sass Monsters is so terrible and boring why do you continue to not only read what we have to say, but take the time to comment on our awful contribution to the Internet?? Additionally, if you would like to continue telling us how much you despise our site you should do so using a real name because this alias you are using only makes you look even more ridiculous.

    The Sass Monsters

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