A gun becomes necessary when…?

Honestly, when does a gun becomes the next item you accessorize yourself with when you are getting ready to head out to the bar for the night? Actually, when does it become an accessory for anyyyy moment in your life unless you are a police officer, military officer fighting in battle, or hunting in the North Woods far from civilization?? The answer seems to be on St. Patricks Day for the ass hole who decided to shoot a man in the doorway of Coyote Ugly during the celebrations.

If only guns shot out rainbows and butterflies instead of fatal pieces of metal

I can understand that you might want to buff up your appearance and use a gun to seem tough to all of your friends and more importantly enemies, but can’t you just go to the gym or develop your confidence by practicing what you want to say a few extra times in the mirror before heading out? Grabbing a gun seems to be the most illogical option to me, but hey I don’t own a gun or have the motivation to carry one with me to seem cooler in public. When will people learn that guns actually do cause harm and if you bring one with you nothing but trouble is bound to come out of the situation???? HELLO PLAXICO BURRESS..this Giant Retarded Baby took a gun to a club with him in 2008 and then shot himself in the leg after being turned down from entering a club, showing that no matter how talented you are on the football field you still don’t have your shit together enough to pack heat and play it cool in public.

GRB drama got this fucker time in prison and off the playing field

I mean come on…..I have held a hand gun before and even though it was pink and I pretended that I was a famous rapper when I was whipping it around, there was no way escaping the fact that this large chuck of metal had the potential to blow my friends heads off if I were to pull the trigger and bullets were actually in the gun.

Not only is it stupid for people to bring guns out to the bar, or anywhere with them, but all this gun violence in public places is what gives Milwaukee such a bad name and keeps people from not only coming to school here but having a fun time free from the worry they will get mugged or shot just trying to have a fun night out with friends. Police would also be a lot more friendly if they did not have to be so defensive with the general public because anyone could be totting a gun or switchblade in their pocket.

We have to work on local peace before we can get anywhere with world peace

This summer I dream of a beach that does not have a 5:1 people to police ratio and the ability to walk home down busy streets like Oakland and Maryland without worrying the person walking towards me is going to attack me then take my iPhone and the small amount of money I may have on me instead of smiling and saying hello to me, but thanks to the events on St. Patrick’s Day it seems like these are pretty distant dreams. Additionally if events like this are not enough for people to rethink the benefits of a Milwaukee judge ruling Wisconsin’s ban on carrying concealed weapons unconstitutional, I don’t know what is.


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4 Responses to A gun becomes necessary when…?

  1. Kayla S says:

    Agreed. I was once in a bar playing pool with two off-duty cops who were dating each other. The (very attractive) male who kept showing me how to play pool was carrying, but his wife wasn’t because she was drinking and wasn’t allowed. I am so glad it wasn’t her carrying that night because I’m pretty sure she would have shot me based on the glares I kept receiving all night.

    Guns are just people’s attempts at seeming bad ass or wishing they were powerful. In reality there is nothing all that glamorous about a gun.

  2. shamtest says:

    I can’t seem to access this page from my iphone!!!!

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