Love at First…Government Override?

For the last few months, Libya has been a country of drama, extreme government, and passionate hatred for the foreigners crossing the boarder…especially reporters. They have been captured, tortured, arrested, and removed from the country all to control the messages coming from the conflict, but one of Gaddafi’s son has changed all of that.

Pretty sure I would date him

Saadi Gaddafi went above the government rulings regarding allowing reporters to interview Eman al-Obeidy, the woman who was kidnapped, tortured, and sexually assaulted by drunk Gaddafi soldiers. Many are having a hard time explaining why Saadi would come forward and disregard everything his father is currently standing for to ensure that the world hears about the terrible ordeal this young woman went through. I on the other hand have developed quite the theory and that is……he may want to mack….hard.

To go against a regime that is so cold hearted and set on terrorizing their people in order to hold on to a 40 year old and completely unwanted dictatorship Saadi must have some sensitivity and emotion to look beyond possible punishment to secure a woman the right to expose the latest crimes being committed by his father’s army. Not only that, but this is a pretty huge romantic gesture. It appears as though the apple has fallen far from the tree in this case and I say, if you have a crush on Eman goooo for it Saadi!!

Will she be the inspiration for the next Disney Princess??

Not only could this move give the international community a great asset to turn the government and begin complete reform, possibly this time peaceful with Saadi acting as the mediator, but this seems to me like an interesting modern new plot for a Disney Princess movie. A young woman is brutally attacked by an extremist regime and the evil dictator’s son is sick of all of the violence when he sees what he has called a strong woman he wants to help seek justice. Struck with love, he provides the means for her tell her story to the media and they run off into the sunset after redeeming her reputation while telling his dad to fuck off. With all the wrong doing happening in this conflict and across MENA why can’t I find a cute story in all of the fighting and hope these two work through their differences and Saadi eventually gets his girl. He seems like quite the gentleman to me 🙂


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