Bethany’s Beer Bonanza

I love beer.  In my opinion, beer is the most delicious beverage available to a person living on this earth.  So its no wonder that along with these sentiments of mine, that I would find myself working at a restaurant/bar, Stubby’s Pub and Grub, where there are 53 BEERS ON TAP!  I REPEAT, 53 TAP BEERS!!! Needless to say, working there is the shit simply because I have access to these beers all the time.  In becoming the beer connoisseur that I now am, I realized it might be beneficial to share some of the amazing microbrew beers I drink on a regular basis at Stubby’s with all of you lovely blog readers.  Also, if you actually live in the Milwaukee

We love our beer! 🙂

area and are a fan of beer, come out to Stubby’s and drink some of our delicious beer for yourself.  I’m telling you, you won’t regret the feeling you get when you walk in the door and see the various 53 taps behind the bar.  The word is giddy.  In fact, I got so giddy with joy the first time that I just about peed my pants. 😉

The first type of beer available at Stubby’s is the Hophead section of beers, including IPA’s, APA’s, and all other beers that are hoppy/bitter.  I personally do not prefer this type of beer, in fact, its my least favorite.  But one beer that people seem to love is the Bell’s Two Hearted American Ale.

Bells Two Hearted

This bitter beer has a striking, orange color, which is singular for a typical IPA beer.  I like the taste of this beer because the intense hops in this beer are matched with an equally strong balance of malty aromas, making that intense bitter sensation weaker and more tolerable after one takes a sip.  According to Bell’s Brewery, there are hints of pine resin and grapefruit in the taste of a Two Hearted, which seems like a strange combination, but actually works quite well for the taste buds and makes out for a damn good beer.  The alcohol percentage for this beer is 7%, which allows for a nice, hearty buzz if one were to chug a pint or two.

Another very popular IPA at Stubby’s is the Flying Dog Raging Bitch.  Great name, I

Flying Dog Raging Bitch

know, and it holds true to it in the sense that the intense, bitter hops of this beer will rage like a bitch in your mouth. This beer is an IPA style with just a little kick of Belgian yeast added to it.  This accounts for the trademark, Belgian-style taste, along with the incredibly dry taste that accompanies a hoppy beer.  It is a deep golden color, which is pretty standard for a typical IPA.  I’m telling you, if your motto is the more bitter, the better, this is definitely the beer for you.  These hops are no joke. The alcohol content found in a Raging Bitch is at 8.3%, which is quite high on the scale of the amount of alcohol found in most beers.  So if you’re looking to get happy with some hoppy, drink a few of these bitches and you’ll be well on your way.

Hoegaarden Belgian Witt

Now, moving on to one of my favorite types of beer, which is the Light, White, and Crispsection.  These beers are lighter, sweeter, sometimes fruity, and always delicious.  One of my absolute favorites is the Hoegaarden Belgian Wit.  This beer, pronounced “who garden” for those of you who are snobs, will knock you off your feet with its sweet taste of citrus and oranges.  Yum.  This beer’s appearance is a pale, cloudy yellow, and there’s usually an orange slice added to the rim of your pint, which only enhances the citrus flavor it possesses.  This Belgian Wit will run down the gullet with little effort.  Not only is the sweet, citrus taste of this beer delectable, but it is also paired with a very clean, refreshing aspect to its flavor that makes you sigh “Aaaahhhh” after every sip.  The alcohol content is 4.9%.

Abita Purple Haze

Another popular light, white, and crisp beer found at Stubby’s is made by Abita, called Purple Haze.  If you like fruit and you like your beer sweet, you will fall in love with this beer.  Also, if you have too many, the only thing that won’t seem hazy is the wonderful taste of this fruitylicious beer.  It is a deep amber color with just a hint of purple behind the glass.  This is an American style wheat beer, so pretty standard, but after the beer is filtrated, Abita added raspberry puree, which may seem disgusting, but I’m telling you, after the first taste, you won’t regret the risk it took to order a “raspberry” beer.  The initial taste is sweet, crisp, and the aftertaste is nothing but raspberry, baby!  So delicious!  Try a purple haze with your salad, or something sweet, like desert.  And its only 4.2% alcohol, so its good to pair with your lunch out with the girls… or guys…if you dare to drink such a sweet, girly beer.  Go for it.  I dare you.

Oskar Blues Old Chub

Moving on to the next section of beers, the Rich, Red, and Brown section, I introduce a great beer by Oskar Blues, the Old Chub.  While you suppress a giggle from the name alone, let me give you a little useful information about this beer.  It appears to be the color of cola in a glass.  It is considered a Scottish style ale, and coincidentally or not, the taste is out of this world.  There’s a hint of caramel, cocoa, roasted malts, and lots of smoke to accompany all of these flavors. Many people who claim they dislike dark beer try the Old Chub and fall head over heels, but who can blame them?  It has been described by critics as a lightly smoked single malt scotch, or if that means absolutely nothing to you, think of it as the best dark chocolate you’ve ever tasted… yum!  The Old Chub contains 8% of alcohol, so go easy on this guy or you’ll find yourself to be the easy one. 😉

Madtown Nut Brown

Another tasty addition to the Rich, Red, and Brown section at Stubby’s is the Ale Asylum Madtown Nut Brown.  Regardless of the fact that this beer has “nut” in the name, surprisingly it slides down the throat in such a way that leads me to describe it using no other word but “smooth.”  This beer appears as a dark brown color.  The flavor strikes me first of all as nutty, which is implied by the name, but its also very easy to drink, the malty aspect of the taste not overpowering at all.  This is considered an American brown ale, and the evenly distributed mix of nutty and malty flavors gives you the perfect little kick of sweetness in your mouth.  If you have the chance to try this beer, you’d be a “nut” not to take advantage of the opportunity.  The alcohol content is at 5.5%.

The last but not least section of beer found at Stubby’s is the Dark, Porter, and Stout section.  I have to admit, these beers are definitely my favorite type available.  So full of

Franziskaner Dunkelweizen

flavor!!!  One of the best we offer at Stubby’s is the Franziskaner Dunkelweizen.  This beer appears to be a medium, reddish brownish color.  The taste is strong but not too overpowering.  It reminds me of bananas with a little hint of chocolate.  Fortunately, I love bananas and chocolate so its no wonder that this beer is one of my favorites! The toasty flavor of this beer has been described by some as similar to the flavor of a tootsie pop.  So if your mouth isn’t watering already, you should probably just try the beer for yourself to get the true experience that is Dunkelweizen.  Plus its really fun to walk up to your local bartender and say:  “Yea, I need me a Dunkelweizen!”  Oh, and the alcohol content is 5%.

Lefthand Milk Stout

Another popular stout available at Stubby’s is the Lefthand Milk Stout.  It pours like cream in an opaqueblack color.  It has hints of coffee and chocolate in the taste, but neither the coffee nor the chocolate overpower eachother.  Also, the combined flavors are a bit on the subdued side, so for those who do not love the strong taste of coffee or chocolate in their beer, this is the perfect stout for them.  Perhaps the best aspect of this beer is how creamy and milky the texture is as it slides down your throat, which is due to the addition of lactose to the brew. Drinking this beer is such a pleasure simply because of its smoothness.  This is one suave stout, and you’ll only benefit in drinking one because then you’ll look suave.  The alcohol content is 5.2%.

That’s it for now.  Get out and try these beers if you haven’t already.  Luckily, Stubby’s offers all of these beers I have reviewed, so come on in and have a great beer! 🙂


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4 Responses to Bethany’s Beer Bonanza

  1. Points out Psuedo Beer Fans says:

    you are not a beer connoisseur if you have only tried 53 beers. i stopped reading after that statement

  2. That is nottt what it says. Bethany is saying there are 53 beers on tap at Stubby’s and she is reviewing a few of those. This is a review of the beer they have at Stubby’s specifically, not of the only beer she has drank in her life. I don’t know why she cannot be a beer connoisseur, in fact featuring beer like this would make her both a beer connoisseur and a restaurant “reviewer/promoter” in a sense….so if you want to hate that is alright, but pretty sure this blog is actually helping her be a connoisseur, or at least work on her skills.

  3. Regis says:

    Sass, ignore the uninformed ‘Beer Snob’. Kudos to you! We’re all ‘Hop Heads’ and we all love our beers. If you like Belgian Wits, try New Belgium’s “Mothership – Organic Wit”. A superb, clean and refreshing beer. I like that you enjoy Flying Dog’s ‘Raging Bitch’. An awesome, Belgian IPA with a bite. If you like that style, may I recommend Green Flash Brewery’s ‘West Coast IPA’ or Weidmer’s ‘Nelson Imperial IPA’ (this replaced the excellent ‘Deadlift IPA). Not quite the same, but very, very good! Keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you for the kind words. Bethany does know what she is talking about when it comes to beer despite what was thought by the first comment. If they would have continued reading or read some of our other posts they would have seen that we are both very intelligent girls passionate about the topics we write about. Sadly, they chose to misread the first paragraph and missed out on what the Sass Monsters have to offer!

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