Allllll about the dancing :)

I may get a lot of hate for my following comment, but I have said it before and I will say it again…..I think 4/20 is stupid. It is not a holiday by any means at all…even though most holidays are made up anyways, but since people tend to make a huge deal about it a lot of fun stuff happens to be going on on 4/20 and the day turns out to be really fun because people are in a great mood and despite the weather we have been having this last week, yesterday was nooooo different.

The Miramar hosted 4/20 Fest and I had a GREATTTTT time. Seriously, it was fantastic. If you like super music, super dancing and super tall boys of Schlitz and Pabtz on the low this was the place for you! I don’t know what happened before we got there since if there is a window of time that something starts Bethany and I probably will not be the most prompt individuals you invite to your gathering, but we will not be the most boring either so that is a wayyyy better perk…..but I do know that we showed up for what we wanted to hear/see/dance to and that was Undercover Organism. If you have not seen them yet you should first ask yourself WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN WAITING FOR!?!?! and then quickly find out when their next show is and getttt yourself there, you will NOT regret it.

The only problem with the amazingness of last night was that stuff like that does not happen even moreeee often….or when it does I am too young to get in and due to events in one of our stories we just don’t talk about anymore Bethany can’t get in either.

I dont know about you, but I am ready for Jazz in the Park, Summerfest, warm weather, and some more groovy get downs

Whyyyy do such fun things like the get down last night have to be kept as a privilege for people who are 21?? That I do not know, but if there were more things like 4/20 Fest people may not associate the bars or venues that have a bar in them with getting trashed and start thinking more about the dancing and having a supreme time. Additionally if there were more reasonably priced, it was only 5 dollars to get into 4/20 Fest, all age venues and concerts EVERYWHERE…not just in cities the size of Milwaukee and larger, kids might not sit around bored then get into trouble with drinking and drugs. From experience I know that Green Bay would benefit GREATLY from this because that city is beyond boring and lots of people fill their time with interests that do not contribute to the greater good of society or preservation of their brain cells. But I can’t change any of this now, so I guess I will just have to wait a few more months until I can go out and have fun all of the time and smile knowing that yet again Wednesday proved itself to be my favorite day of the week 🙂

And just so you can get a taste of how good Undercover Organism is here is their song Lazer Face!! ENJOY!!!!


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