Follow Up: The Problem with Shape Ups

A month or so ago I wrote about how shape up shoes are sending a negative message to the American public, but now there is even more to be disappointed in. Kim Kardashian is now a sponsor for the brand and advocating wearing the shoes over having a trainer. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO GET IN SHAPE!!!! Many people are going to see her commercials, tweets, and television programs and look up to her and take her advice just because her celebrity gives her an authority which causes people to believe a large amount of what she says. Regardless if you chose to wear shape up shoes or the shape up designed clothing you still need to do other things to promote your own personal health — these shoes are not enough and if you think that you can ditch your trainer or stop your work out plan and still get fit, pretty sure its not going to work. While I realize that promoting these brands and diet pills is good for their bank account, celebrities like Kim Kardashian really need to reconsider the messages they are sending out and how people then follow their lead because they are such huge stars. Its not all about personal gain, making a positive difference in people’s lives can be just as rewarding if not more — so maybe one day these E!lebrities and other over endorsed stars will use their power for even greater good.


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