Pakistan, you clever mother #@%&*$!!!

So, Pakistan, what the hell?  How did you not realize that the world’s chief leader in extreme terrorism was hiding out in a million dollar mansion compound, directly in the middle of an affluent area of Pakistan, not too far from Islamabad, the nation’s capital?  Oddly enough, although Bin Laden was near a very populated part of Pakistan, he was still quite far away from any of his supporters that the U.S. had been fighting for some time now.  So, how do we, the superpower of this day, the empire, so to speak, deal with such a delicate situation as this?  According to the CRS Report for Congress, Pakistan has received billions of dollars from the U.S. since 9/11, as have many other Middle East countries that are involved in combating the war on terror.  Now government officials are saying that we should consider withholding these allocations to Pakistan until we get

Abbottabad, where Bin Laden was found and killed.

answers from Islamabad.  So far, they’re just playing dumb, and I truly believe that America would represent what “dumb” really is if we believe them and take them at their word.  “Before we send another dime, we need to know whether Pakistan truly stands with us in the fight against terrorism,” said Sen. Frank Lautenberg, a New Jersey Democrat and vice chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee on Homeland Security. “Until Congress and the American public are assured that the Pakistani government is not shielding terrorists, financial aid to Pakistan should be suspended.” .

In studying and considering this hiding place of Bin Laden, it was discovered that this compound was “custom-built to hide someone of significance”.  What’s even more noteworthy is the fact that this three- story mansion was surrounded by 12 to 18 foot walls topped off with the classy addition of barbed wire.

Wouldn't mind hiding out in this lovely house for I don't know, all of eternity?!

Hmm, interesting.  Not only this, but it was also discovered that this compound is owned by one of Bin Laden’s messengers.  I mean, realistically and seriously, how can we look the other way in term’s of Pakistan’s ignorance when we have this kind of blatant evidence that this place was known to officials in Islamabad, and even if Bin Laden had been hiding in secret without the knowledge of his neighbors, the compound alone, in and of itself, should have been checked and searched immediately, considering its quite the ideal hiding place for a man like Bin Laden, being hunted down by America for a little short of ten years now.

As many government officials keep insisting, even as Colin Powell has with his rather obvious statement: “Did nobody else notice this?  I don’t know how it could go

Remember this guy??

unnoticed.”  There we have it folks, so articulately put by our former Secretary of State and national security advisor.  So what the hell, Pakistan???

Unfortunately, this situation is much more complicated that I have made it out to be.  Pakistan has been through a lot of crazy shit since the war on terror began. For instance, since 9/11, there has averaged more than one suicide bombing there a week, amounting to about 35,000 Pakistani deaths.  Any successful attempt at democracy within their government has been avoided by the fact that all their effective government leaders have been assassinated.  Surprise, surprise.  Also, Pakistan’s reaction to Bin Laden’s death was not seen with rejoicing on the Pakistani people’s part, but we did see examples of angry, anti-American protests in Karachi, the nation’s largest city.  Another issue to contend is the fact that Pakistan has full confidence that America will lose in Afghanistan, as they have wholeheartedly believed since 2001.  They claim we cannot win there.  Also, the Afghan Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, has separated ways from Bin Laden, for quite some time, building repertoire with the American military, enough so that America might feel quite comfortable in withdrawing her presence in Afghanistan and in the Middle East in general.  This will accomplish his goal, which is the “establishment of an Afghan government that would reflect his conservative view of Islam in a country free of foreign troops”.

Truth be told, this problem is not solved as simply as withholding aid to Pakistan.  Most U.S. officials agree that “the more impoverished Pakistan is, the more jihads it would produce”.  And there’s also

Pakistan's nuclear missile

just that tiny little problem of Pakistan’s nuclear missile they’re developing.  Though we offered them billions of dollars to halt the development of their nuclear warfare, Pakistan refused.  One government minister explains: “We are now a nuclear state. So no-one can let us go bust.  We may have turned down billions of dollars.  But many more                                                                                                  billions will follow.”

Gulp.  This is not good. No bueno.  But these, I’m afraid, are the facts.  So what can we do?  In my opinion, I think we should just withhold the aid, I mean for crying out loud, we’re in so much debt anyway as a country!  Why support a government that very clearly is not cooperating with ours in any way, shape, or form?  First, they reject our money in favor of nuclear war development, and now we find the most sought after evil man in the world living within their midst?  As my father would say in anger, “Cut those bastards off!  Blow their heads off while you’re at it!!”

Fortunately, I don’t share my father’s same ideals when it comes to violence, but I will say that America cannot trust Pakistan, we should not trust them, and we must now make pain-staking efforts to discover how Bin Laden could have possibly been hiding in plain sight in this country; cause I’m sorry Pakistan, but I just don’t buy the bull shit.


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4 Responses to Pakistan, you clever mother #@%&*$!!!

  1. jake says:

    Bin laden did not leave the house in 5 years pakistan tapped phone conversation from that house and provided it to the cia.america only knew about the courier because it has custody of ksm who pakistan arrested. Bin laden is a millionaire so what if he buys a 250k house the 1 million figure is lies.america has 12 million illegal immigrants

  2. don says:

    uuum what about the fact that america aint showed no pics of bin laden the most wanted man in the world….more tv and books made about him then any1 else…..all tghe hypw all the wars all the lies…..and all those death ….and finally they say we got him!!!!!……uuummmm but u cant see him!!! uuuummm we threw him off a ship in the ocean…..uuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm…. thats right the man the world has been waiting for is sumwer at the bottom of the ocean…no pics….no proof….ummmmmm im sorry sass and america…..WE DEFFINATLY DONT BUY YOUR!!!! BULLSHIT!!!!!……… u brainwashed fools….. ur american goverment is scum who lie cheat and steal…….and they bankrupt ur cuntry and the world………and u still be;live these criminals?? ha ur lost sheep……….seek the truth…… and i think u will find its not buried deep in sum ocean sumwer… not 1 pic….. how can u not call bullshit?? oh and the reason why they paying pakistan????…..becuz pakistan is going along with the bullshit ….it knows the obl death is fake but thats y america is gud friends with pakistan still and pays them well………make sense now???

  3. don says:

    the raid was isi-cia operation ……the compound was built a few months before the raid happend!!!!……all a set up…..FAKE RAID!!!!!!!! check for urself and c when the compoound was built!!!!! ………..oh and btw……. why dnt u ever talk about the fact that american goverment with isreal killed american people on sept 11??? most blatant inside job in history!!!!!!!! and u still go on about values and principles……… ur worser then hitler!!!!!! …oh and btw…….plz dont call any1 terrrist jihadist …trying to scare people that pakistan is gona use nukes etc etc…………when the only people in history to have killed over half a MILLION PEOPLE IN A COUPLE OF SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAS THE AMERICAn goverment…..!!!!!! …. the only country in HISTORY!!!!!!!!!! T USE NUKES ON INNOCENT WOMEN CHILDREN …IN HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI…..U EVIL EVIL EVIL PEOPLE HOW DARE U LECTURE ANY1 ON ANYTHING!!!!!!!!! …… WUD U LIKE IT HAPPENING TO YOU???????????//………………OH U HAD SEPT 11TH AND U STILL CRYING ABOUT IT……THE WORST THING IS THAT WAS SELF INFLICTED …….SICK TWISTED PEOPLE…………PAKISTAN IS WAY ABOVE AMERICA IN EVERY WAY………!!!

  4. Sassmonsters says:

    Don’t worry I understand what its like to be crazy and I also realize you are probably going crazy and a lot of that is on us. I would be going crazy too if strange people from the strongest military of any country in the world were aiming all missiles in my direction. And they claim to do it in the name of God, and you know that for an innocent man, woman, or child in Pakistan or any other country in the Middle East, it’s not fair. The death of innocent people is always unfair and wrong. But its also our current reality. If you read more than one blog you may see that we are not the biggest advocators for America out there. In fact, we’re trying to work through the bull shit we have as an excuse for news sources in this country in order to get some perspective that to you, will always seem subjective and probably incorrect, but to us, contains some truth.

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