The Pieces of One Crazy Puzzle: Part 1

Many people are worried about the world ending in 2012, but I have reason to believe that there is a much more controllable apocalypse that the general public should focus their attention on. Call me crazy, a conspiracy theorist, absolutely ridiculous or unrealistic, but I have to say there is stacking evidence coming from recent global happenings that points to a not so bright future for the possibility of world peace. If you have been exposed to my rants about current events you know that I think that there currently is dangerous chain of events taking place and if they continue could result in something no one should hope for, a possible third World War. In this new series of blogs I have decided to start I will explain multiple events which I feel are much more influential and interconnected than people give them credit and try to update them frequently so that I can keep up with the ever changing, dramatic world we live in.

Even though I am pretty behind right now I must start at the beginning and as with all major global conflicts there has to be a definitive starting point to go down in the history books. We have seen this before with the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which allowed the United States to engage in anti-communist efforts and eventually the Vietnam War, the assassination of Franz Ferdinand to start World War I, and the Germans invading Poland to kick off WWII.

Holding it down as the craziest dictator in the world -- if he is still alive that is...

In my opinion North Korea’s decision to attack the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong last November is the under the radar event that made the powers of the world, predominately the United States and China, wake up and realize that they need to be prepared for action at anytime. Not only was this an extremely bold move for North Korea to make, but their country is currently facing some tough and uncertain times which makes them even more likely to go full force with their military actions because there is pretty much nothing left for them to hold on to.

Additionally, if Kim Jong-Il is even still alive, advancements in technology are making it even harder for him to keep the intense admiration his people have for him going which he has depended on his entire dictatorship. While Facebook or the Internet in general may not be an option to inform the controlled citizenship of North Korea of their human rights and of the incredible injustices their government is imposing upon them, South Korea has already gone primal with their attempts to inform the people of other countries attempts to seek independence from their own dictatorships. However, outside information may not even be necessary at this point for the population to rise up in protest, if they can get the guts up to utter even a single negative word about their leader, because North Korea has been dealing with widespread food shortages since July!! “North Korea has failed to provide for the most basic health and survival needs of its people,” said Catherine Baber, Amnesty International’s deputy director for the Asia-Pacific region. “This is especially true of those who are too poor to pay for medical care.” Either North Korea is going to continue letting its people starve in the name of complete independence from the world and obsession with their malicious ways or they will have to get their act together and improve relations with South Korea in order to receive the aid the people so desperately need.

Kim Jong Il keeps his haters in death camps so he can continue living in this mansion and the rest of the world is totally cool with that.

Sadly other world issues have stolen the spotlight from this huge humanitarian problem and it is unclear what will be the final straw that creates enough drama for international involvement in North Korea. Hopefully it will be a move to save the millions of people from starvation and and brutal work camps and not in an effort to prevent nuclear war since there is evidence that their military is completing additional launch sites for long range rockets. Until then the people of North Korea will have to suffer while their government leaders live in posh homes and absorb the “evil” that comes from the western world. The small attack on South Korea 6 months ago may have been a quiet knock on the door of monumental change, but how the situation in North Korea eventually plays out will have an incredibly influential impact on global history. Few options exist, but it is fairly unlikely that the North Korean government is going to give in to international demands which leads me to believe that further military actions will eventually occur once the country’s situation worsens to obscene levels, which they can no longer keep a secret, and the rest of the global community may realize they once again reacted too late and incorrectly in their moves to improve humanitarian situations around the world and attain the stability of world peace all of this military action is supposed to be accomplishing.

NEXT TIME: Intensity clearly leads to more global attention...especially if you are not an ally of the US and in oil territory


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