Locust Street Festival

After a full week of more rainy cold weather that prevented us from going to Jazz in the Park on Thursday and made the turn out at Pridefest on Friday not as absolutely fantastic as it could have been Milwaukee was finally blessed enough to be reminded what the sun looks like on Sunday, which was phenomenal because it just so happened there was one more festival to wrap up the weekend and that was Locust Street Festival. Many people think that Riverwest is a incredibly sketchy place where you will most definitely get mugged if you dare to enter its streets alone, this however is NOT the case….at least anymore. I remember driving through the neighborhood on my way to and from UWM with my parents freshmen year thinking what a ghetto place it was, but in my opinion the place has turned around 180 degrees and now is building itself up to be a community based on trust and creating a great friendly place to live. There is a co-op grocery store and bar, community information offices, many interesting local bars and coffee shops to explore and thousands of great interesting people who you should totally try and meet that inhabit the never dull area. Not to mention they know how to party and have a BOMB time over there and here are few images and videos from the SUPER fun day I was able to enjoy with some friends and tons of other residents getting down on Locust Street yesterday afternoon.

Another look at the street

Welcome to Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Critical sales booths for a RW festival -- Frog and Dragon figurines

Just a small look at the crowd on the street


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