Nice weather, the beach, birthdays, partying, music and dancing are among the many things keeping us from being productive in the “work” sense lately, but in the last few weeks live music has stolen our attention and sparked our interest in stepping out into the community and getting down with all the other amazing people that fill Milwaukee in the summer time. Jazz in the Park, karaoke, The Jazz Estate, and Brady St all provide a fantastic environment to spend your never ending summer nights, but so far we have had the most interesting and exciting experience at Summerfest.

For those of you that don’t know, Summerfest is the world’s largest music festival and takes place every year in Milwaukee for about a week and a half. What makes it so great is that hundreds of bands play during this time for a very low price, a three day pass is only 33 dollars, including many popular artists who you would have to buy an expensive main stage ticket to see normally.

Girl Talk was one of the artists we went to see basically just because we knew it would be an amazing dance party, but we never thought that it would be seriously one of the best times ever. Through a little bit of luck and incredibly good timing we were able to get into the group of people pulled in from the crowd before the show to dance on stage. Not only did this save us from the sweltering crowd packed full of high school kids drunk for the first time, but it also gave us an incredible vantage point and a feel for what it would be like to actually be a performing artists. All in all, dream experience and impossible to forget.

While we are still going to Florence and the Machine, Edward Sharp,  and Undercover Organism in the next few days and even more craziness is likely to happen, this probably will be the most memorable, insane hour and a half we will have at Summerfest and possibly the entire summer…….so check out the videos we have found of it so far 🙂 hopefully there will be more to come, but here are the ones that are out there so far.



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