You say intelligent politicians, I say old, silly, power-hungry weirdos

While I have been away from the website for quite sometime, I have not lost my intense intrigue for the world around me. A few of my latest obsessions are Syria, North Korea, Erin Burnett Out Front, the Green Bay Packers and last but not least the race to be the Republican nominee for president of the United States and the daily entertainment it has been producing. As the first election, or in this case caucus, results come in, I have decided to try to write about a few of the candidates. Sadly I missed the boat on Herman Cain, but for some of the most hilarious tributes check out the hilarious bad lip-reading video or this actual joke of a politician in action right here in Milwaukee (ignore any of the extra commentary….I chose this out of ease of finding the clip I wanted). If you don’t have too much “twirling around in your head” wondering who told Cain that politics was a field he would succeed in after watching those…we can get to another gem in the race that I have really come to enjoy.

With a Nader-esk stamina, Ron Paul’s work has finally began to pay off and I cannot wait to watch the results from the Iowa caucuses to come in because of him. His bid for the presidency started in 1988 when he was the nominee for the Libertarian party, but he moved to the more “main-stream” field to try his hand with the Republican party in 2008. While the 2012 race has taken yet another turn, this time towards Rick Santorum, Paul still has made his mark this time around and much more so than before. Due to the intensity of his supporters, they have been able to get the word out about him and push hard to get the Paul vote to the polls on election day. He is a strict Constitutionalist and tends to get a little fired up when the government wants to tell the American people what to do.

Despite my love for this little man, there are things about him that deep down in my heart I would not be comfortable with him being president. I cannot support his views on abortion, totally pro-life because basically the fetus has the freedom to life and no one, even their mothers, can take that away from them. I could never have a president that pushed for the overturn of Roe v Wade and legally defined life as the moment of conception because that limits so many women in their choices to succeed in life if something terrible like incest or rape were to happen to them, or if they were even to come into the situation that their birth control failed. Women need the freedom to be able to continue living a productive life and not be held back by their child they were not ready for.

Additionally I am against his stance on education because he is a firm believer in homeschooling. I do know that there they are some great homeschooling programs if they are done right and stereotypically we think of the ideal home-schooled kid as smarter just less social than the normal child. However, I believe that religion can insert itself into the system far too much and change that child’s viewpoint on the world to the degree that they do not understand factual information that deters them from total success in an ever globally connected and changing world. It can also make them intolerant and scared of the world around them. Yes our education system is screwed up beyond believe, but I do know things like charter schools or simply redistribution of funding, weeding out bad teachers and restructuring teachers unions can change a lot too. Maybe we need to combine these ideas in a compromise, but there definitely needs to be just as much structure in a homeschooling program as there does in any other education system, including during the reformation of the public school system, in order to produce productive global citizens.

What I do agree with Ron Paul on is foreign policy, one of my biggest concerns for our country and I believe that it can be our key to saving our economy which in turn would save our education and health care systems. Since our military is in so many countries doing who knows what, Ron Paul believes that we need to bring these nation building troops home so that we can really focus on rebuilding our own nation and stop spending hard-earned tax-payer dollars on these type of missions that are essentially meant for controlling the world and taking all of the resources away from other countries. While I know that this plan is extremely hard to accomplish and could create a huge global chaos once we have no presence in places that have felt us there for so long and are now free to express the anger we have caused in them, I do think that for the sake of all United States citizens, the issue of foreign policy needs to be at the forefront and not related to securing our borders or “fixing and securing” the Middle East . Although I do realize that Paul wants to secure our borders, but I also think that he will not build a double wall or electric fence like some of his competitors would like to do.

Finally, because I know this post could go on forever and ever and I am trying not to turn this in to a total in-depth review essay on one candidate because you can do your own research , I guess I just have to say that while this man has some very great ideas that I share about foreign policy as a major player in fixing our economy, the concept of true, pure personal freedom and the fact that I love to look at and watch him, I cannot truly support him after looking over his comprehensive “Plan to Restore America“. Cutting the energy and education departments will only hurt future generations even more. We may have to restructure these departments, but we cannot fully eliminate them unless we want to harm our children. Also, tapping into all of our oil on our own soil is not the answer either. Once we are out of oil then we are OUT OF OIL!!! Using it to make ethanol is not an answer either, but cutting the energy department so that there are fewer restrictions on energy producers and they can operate in a free market system is not a fool-proof idea that will fix anything long-term. There will be a quick fix and then WE WILL BE OUT OF OIL. Problematic indeed. Removing the federal gas tax would be a great move for average consumers, but this cannot be removed on companies that are using gasoline to produce unnecessary products like plastic or over use gasoline to be made like ethanol otherwise the government is just giving big business an even higher tax break which they do not deserve.

I want to keep watching this man in action since he finally is taking center stage, but the more and more I read and write about him, I know that I cannot let his cute leprechaun vibe get into my heart. I am still deeply undecided about Obama and I know I can never be a Republican, so all my research for the upcoming blogs will have to help me decide I guess. There is still so much to come in this election season and I am extremely excited to watch it all unfold. Well…..hopefully everyone has a great first day of ELECTION SEASON 2012!!! It is bound to be GREAT!!!!!


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2 Responses to You say intelligent politicians, I say old, silly, power-hungry weirdos

  1. Ron Paul wins in IA and NH would change the conversation. He is getting smeared in the right wing press because they are afraid he could win. Its exciting to see there are republicans fed up with the crap the faux news and limbos have been pumping out.

    Like you, I’m unable to support him beyond the primary. Ultimately for me, voting for the president is about who I want in the supreme court.

    • Yes it is very interesting to see the Republican’s reaction to him. He is def not what they want on any level, but their terror response is never a good thing. Also, I totally agree with you about voting for president based on the Supreme Court. That is our only voice in the matter and most people forget what a huge role it and every judge plays.

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