Feeling the last minute hype

Even though I have fallen in love with Ron Paul, I never expected him to go far in the 2012 race and he still may not, we have to wait until tonight…but there is another another politician I thought would ABSOLUTELY NEVER see the true spotlight and that is Rick Santorum. Not only has this new political push helped him escape the reputation ruining Google bomb that he suffered after comparing “gay sex to pedophilia and bestiality”, but since Iowa is such a religious and actually the better word is evangelical state, Santorum may stand a chance to finish in the top three in the caucus today and take another step into the national spotlight. That, to me, is very scary. Yes I do not agree with most Republicans on their views related to social issues like gay marriage and abortion, but I think that Santorum is far too extreme to become president and push his beliefs on a diverse nation of citizens free to believe in whatever they would like due to the First Amendment.

In fact, Santorum is so pro-family that his plan for economy revolves around it. How is that even relevant? I have no idea. Even if you are single and have no children I am pretty sure you can still participate in the economy by holding a job, purchasing commodities or even hiring other citizens. I do understand that tripling the personal deduction per child for each family would lessen the burden families face, but I worry that for Santorum a family is defined as a mother, a father and children, not single-parent homes or same-sex families which leaves a lot of people out of this tax cut. That would continue the class welfare system that Santorum continually criticizes Obama for. Also, eliminating spending for Planned Parenthood and related services is only going to create a larger family crisis with women across the nation unable to seek out family planning care WHICH IS NOT JUST ABORTIONS this includes personal health safety like STD testing, cancer screening, care and prevention as well as free or discounted contraceptives so that they do not become an inactive member of society because they become pregnant and have to care for a child. How politicians can lump all these services with abortion is beyond me. Purifying and promoting the “family system” is not the way to fix our economy.

Another danger of putting Santorum in the White House is his stance on Iran. Basically he is going to tell them game on and start teaming up with Israel to take down Iran’s nuclear “threat”. First of all, messing around with Iran is basically the most irresponsible thing that we could do and I believe that it will just give them more reason to use whatever weapons they have against us and continue building more to defend themselves. If we would just go home already and take care of our education, health care and above all economy we may find that we have a lot fewer enemies in the world. Also, one of Santortum’s main points for advocating acting in Iran is to “bring greater attention to human rights violations of the Iranian regime against democracy protestors and minority religious groups”. Well, I would have to say that there are places in the world with much greater need for attention related to human rights violations and if we are going to start playing this game again we need to act in North Korea and Syria. Essentially those actions would start-up just as big of a fuss with Iran, but if we are really making our decisions based on human rights violations, Syria and North Korea have to come first.

Sometimes I can find issues that I can relate to with politicians, no matter how conservative they maybe, but Santorum is just not that politican. I am very excited to watch the results from the caucus come in tonight as well as try to speculate what they mean for the future of the GOP race for nominee. While an overly conservative politician may not be able to beat Obama in November, I do believe that we need to understand what the implications of putting someone in office that is so religiously focused in a free country with separation of church and state means for our government and future as an entire body of united states. Not to be super mean or take this discussion down a notch, but would you want to support someone that the Duggar family from 19 kids and counting want to vote for simply because Jesus is not available to run for president right now?? While I am sure some of you do feel that way, I will never be that person so I am sorry…Santorum needs to go home and chill out with his seven children and wife.


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