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Step right up to the world of crazy women

I’m just going to flat out say it: I don’t get women.  Even though I have no doubt that I was born a woman and AM a woman, I still have very serious trouble understanding the gender in general.  Now, … Continue reading

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Love at First…Government Override?

For the last few months, Libya has been a country of drama, extreme government, and passionate hatred for the foreigners crossing the boarder…especially reporters. They have been captured, tortured, arrested, and removed from the country all to control the messages … Continue reading

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Washington D.C.: Your Sass Monster Guide

Just recently, the two of us took a trip to visit our dear friend Kayla in our nation’s capitol, Washington D.C. Although we surveyed the city as any normal tourists do, by visiting all the national monuments and important government … Continue reading

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new attitude for dudes

After I was more than a little bit let down by my last attempt at having a serious relationship with a normal guy I was extremely into and also pretty much awesome friends with already, I decided that in order … Continue reading

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nipple rapeage

A few months ago, I find myself with this guy.  He’s cute, older than me, kind of shy, but super sweet and what I feel to be a genuine person. So I go out with him and Celia, he pays … Continue reading

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