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Is it time to go home yet?

While reading the weekly notes for my seminar in media communication and society: war news, entertainment and persuasion, I came across an alarming fact and remedy for all of our nation’s economical problems our politicians seem to be having such … Continue reading

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Pakistan, you clever mother #@%&*$!!!

So, Pakistan, what the hell?  How did you not realize that the world’s chief leader in extreme terrorism was hiding out in a million dollar mansion compound, directly in the middle of an affluent area of Pakistan, not too far … Continue reading

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Follow Up: The Problem with Shape Ups

A month or so ago I wrote about how shape up shoes are sending a negative message to the American public, but now there is even more to be disappointed in. Kim Kardashian is now a sponsor for the brand … Continue reading

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A gun becomes necessary when…?

Honestly, when does a gun becomes the next item you accessorize yourself with when you are getting ready to head out to the bar for the night? Actually, when does it become an accessory for anyyyy moment in your life … Continue reading

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If you are unaware that Japan was rocked by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by a tsunami that moved the coastline 8 feet and shifted the Earth’s axis almost 4 inches I would like to know how you disconnect from … Continue reading

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Taking it TOOOO Far.

Fox correspondent becomes presidential candidate for 2012’s Republican presidential nominee. If you are thinking this is yet another far-fetched story being presented as news from the far right, think again. This ludicrous, and quite possibly unethical, chain of events is … Continue reading

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guns on campus

First of all, I understand the gun culture of Texas and all that that entails, but is this a serious idea with serious support that seriously could get passed?? The answer is scary, but the answer is yes. Why would … Continue reading

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