Step right up to the world of crazy women

I’m just going to flat out say it: I don’t get women.  Even though I have no doubt that I was born a woman and AM a woman, I still have very serious trouble understanding the gender in general.  Now, men, I get.  They’re really not too difficult to figure out. Most say what they actually mean and those that don’t are usually just lying pieces of shit.  They play particular games and say particular things that always have a certain meaning.  Therefore, all you have to do is pick up on the body language, know what words have which meaning, and just play along.  A guy who just wants sex will make it very obvious.  A man who is very emotional will make it very plain that he is needy.  A man who is carefree and just looking for a good time will do just that: be carefree and have a good time.  But girls, females, ladies, women!  They never say what they mean, they play games around the clock that aren’t even FUN, and they always get way too emotional about way too many things.  I don’t blame men for getting fed up and just throwing up their hands and saying “Hell with it! I’m not going to spend another second dating crazy females”  But I am also a woman.  Which means that naturally, I may have those inclinations that I just admitted were disgusting and stupid.  Therefore, I do everything in my power to squelch any sign of feminine “tendencies” when it comes to men and relationships.  However, its taken me a long time to get to the point where I am now, which is a confident, wholesome, and well- rounded woman who knows what she wants in a man and won’t settle until she gets it.  It sounds ridiculous writing out what has been sort of the “man model” in my head, but I think I can perhaps help out a few people when it comes to understanding the female mind, and vice versa, how the man deals with being around that mind.

Perhaps the greatest little secret I can reveal to the public (male or female) about women is that the more emotional a woman is, the more jealous she is, the more crazy she is in general, the more INSECURE that woman is in herself.  A woman who is not

And all those romantic comedies out there don't help the situation either. In fact, they tend to just promote ridiculous infatuation between women and men. This scene is from "He's Just Not That into You."

confident in her capabilities, and doesn’t trust her choices and instincts implicitly, will tend to externalize those thoughts and feelings in very illogical ways.  For example, an insecure girl with a boyfriend will probably not love it when her guy goes out with his boys for a night.  Why? Is it the fact that she’s jealous of the face time her guy is getting with his boys?  Not necessarily.  In fact, probably not at all.  The truth is, she probably is afraid that in going out with his guys, her man will be exposed to other girls, and possibly be tempted to talk to one of them/flirt with them/make out with them/sleep with them…  and that is literally the thought process.  So one minute, you’re just going out for a drink with Harry and Larry, when all of a sudden your girlfriend’s

Movies for the young crowd aren't much help either. Twilight depicts a love sick couple, including a female woman and a male vampire who stay together, risking the girl's life because ultimately, the vampire wants to kill her. Truly a great depiction of true love for teens.

accusing you of cheating on her with a stripper….????  The idea is to recognize that this is what this means. Then, you must ask yourself, why would she feel this way? She may feel this because you’ve cheated on her in the past, or if someone else has cheated on her in the past, or maybe no one has cheated on her in the past and for some reason, she’s still insecure about herself, and the list goes on and on.  Then you have to ask yourself, am I really willing to deal with this?  Some guys are, some guys are not.  It always depends on the person and the circumstance.  Don’t mistake me in thinking I am generalizing all situations in these relationships, but women are emotional and therefore, can sort of get away with these things more??  I’m not trying to say cut them a break, because I am a woman and realize its not acceptable to behave like a crazed fool, but I also think there are a lot of damaged people out there who really don’t know how to cope with their circumstances, and it just comes out all wrong.  I’m just saying its up to the particular person in the relationship to decide whether or not they can deal with it.

I would like to add one disclaimer about women, especially those living in America.  The

Sex and the City teaches women how to act like crazies, period. And these are "middle-aged" grown up women, acting like fools and setting one really terrible example to women regarding men and relaitonships.

media and Hollywood takes up more of the American people’s time than practically anything else, even really important stuff like crazy international events.  So a lot of what we take in as American women is materialistic mumbo jumbo, like being stick thin skinny and finding ways to make men want you with a simple “come hither look,” as I learned in last month’s issue of Cosmo. This is why I thought it important to point out the sources of many people’s expectations of romantic relationships, which for Americans, is found in our movies and magazines. Not the best sources at all for realistic relationship expectations.

On the plus side (and I realize how much this is starting to sound like a sales pitch), women are very deep, beautiful creatures that can be truly awesome to be around.  I have many women in my life I truly love, including my crazy sass sister Celia.  Women look at life in a different way, they have a unique perspective and awareness of certain elements in life, including caring and understanding for people in a way that is sometimes daunting.  A woman has a lot of love to give, and one has to be careful when getting entangled in that, and vice versa, a woman has to be careful about who she gives this too.  Give it to life, give it to passions, give it to your pursuits, but don’t throw all of it into the lap of ONE MAN! No wonder you’re scaring him off/freaking him out/pissing him off.  This is my greatest pet peeve with women, the fact that we somehow, someway, always find the means to throw all of our energy into loving a single man…???  There’s so much more to life than men, and vice versa, so much more than women.  You can’t reserve all that pent up love and energy for the first guy who comes along and seems interested.  Its just silly.  I for one am spreading my love out to encompass my friends, my family, my schooling, my blog, music, and my God.  So if you’re a woman out there who knows exactly what I’m talking about because you, yourself are guilty of giving all your energy, passion,

This show had a profound effect on both Celia and I as in how to act like crazy "OC women" in order to get our way in life and with men. We have both, since then, made adjustments.

and love to one man… STOP it.  Its just not cool and you’re making the rest of us look ridiculous.  And vice versa, for all those guys out there who are eating up the attention you receive from your lady friend who is oh so madly in love with you, STOP it too.  You’re pathetic for taking advantage.  Come on, dude, you can still wake up in the morning and go about your day without the eight text messages waiting for you when you wake up that say many forms of the rendition: “Good morning, baby!” So on and so forth.  This is a key reason why I avoid relationships, at least for now while I’m young and aspiring.  They are too much drama and too much immaturity for a woman with her head on straight as a horizontal line, the way that mine is.  I realize I sound cocky as hell in saying this, but I don’t care.  I’m confident, I know what I want, and I realize I might WAIT a long time to get it, but I’m waiting just the same.  I’m not going to waste my time distracting myself with a guy who isn’t good enough for me in the mean time.  Instead, I will devote time and energy to worthy pursuits, like school and learning and blogging, as well as to good people, like friends, family, and what the heck? Might as well throw the poor in there too.



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It’s been a longggg time

Hey everyone!!!! I know it has been quite a long time since you have gotten a dose of your beloved Sass Monsters and we apologize that we have been so distracted. Don’t worry though! We are still always thinking of new ways to entertain and inform our audience we were just a little busy getting fabulous grades during finals and then BOOM summer weather hit and now we are addicted going to the beach in the hours we have to spend away from our places of work. Hopefully you can forgive our absence in your lives and understand the appeal the beach has and the problems sand would cause to a beautiful MacBook.

Mainly I am writing to check in with all of you and let you know we are still the same driven Sass Monsters we have always been, but there is another project that Bethany and I recently knocked out one afternoon spent at Epikos Church. In case you didn’t know….which most people don’t because she is very modest about her talents…Bethany is an amazing singer and pianist who recently discovered her obsession with learning and belting out Lady Gaga tunes. I am benefitted on the daily by this hobby of hers now that she is living with me for a little while, but I thought all of you should hear it as well!!! ENJOY!!!!!

The Sass Monsters will be working on more frequent posts in the near future so STAY TUNED LOVERSSSS!!!!! I hope you all are enjoying your summer vacations and finished the school year out with a bang just like us 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoo

UPDATE: for some reason the audio appears to be wayyyy off in that video…..sorry about that hopefully you can enjoy it the same, but I am working on fixing it.

UPDATE: soooo idk how to fix this so you will have to check out the Sass Monsters on Facebook  for the best quality of the video where it actually matches up and is the full version.

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The Pieces of One Crazy Puzzle: Part 1

Many people are worried about the world ending in 2012, but I have reason to believe that there is a much more controllable apocalypse that the general public should focus their attention on. Call me crazy, a conspiracy theorist, absolutely ridiculous or unrealistic, but I have to say there is stacking evidence coming from recent global happenings that points to a not so bright future for the possibility of world peace. If you have been exposed to my rants about current events you know that I think that there currently is dangerous chain of events taking place and if they continue could result in something no one should hope for, a possible third World War. In this new series of blogs I have decided to start I will explain multiple events which I feel are much more influential and interconnected than people give them credit and try to update them frequently so that I can keep up with the ever changing, dramatic world we live in.

Even though I am pretty behind right now I must start at the beginning and as with all major global conflicts there has to be a definitive starting point to go down in the history books. We have seen this before with the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which allowed the United States to engage in anti-communist efforts and eventually the Vietnam War, the assassination of Franz Ferdinand to start World War I, and the Germans invading Poland to kick off WWII.

Holding it down as the craziest dictator in the world -- if he is still alive that is...

In my opinion North Korea’s decision to attack the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong last November is the under the radar event that made the powers of the world, predominately the United States and China, wake up and realize that they need to be prepared for action at anytime. Not only was this an extremely bold move for North Korea to make, but their country is currently facing some tough and uncertain times which makes them even more likely to go full force with their military actions because there is pretty much nothing left for them to hold on to.

Additionally, if Kim Jong-Il is even still alive, advancements in technology are making it even harder for him to keep the intense admiration his people have for him going which he has depended on his entire dictatorship. While Facebook or the Internet in general may not be an option to inform the controlled citizenship of North Korea of their human rights and of the incredible injustices their government is imposing upon them, South Korea has already gone primal with their attempts to inform the people of other countries attempts to seek independence from their own dictatorships. However, outside information may not even be necessary at this point for the population to rise up in protest, if they can get the guts up to utter even a single negative word about their leader, because North Korea has been dealing with widespread food shortages since July!! “North Korea has failed to provide for the most basic health and survival needs of its people,” said Catherine Baber, Amnesty International’s deputy director for the Asia-Pacific region. “This is especially true of those who are too poor to pay for medical care.” Either North Korea is going to continue letting its people starve in the name of complete independence from the world and obsession with their malicious ways or they will have to get their act together and improve relations with South Korea in order to receive the aid the people so desperately need.

Kim Jong Il keeps his haters in death camps so he can continue living in this mansion and the rest of the world is totally cool with that.

Sadly other world issues have stolen the spotlight from this huge humanitarian problem and it is unclear what will be the final straw that creates enough drama for international involvement in North Korea. Hopefully it will be a move to save the millions of people from starvation and and brutal work camps and not in an effort to prevent nuclear war since there is evidence that their military is completing additional launch sites for long range rockets. Until then the people of North Korea will have to suffer while their government leaders live in posh homes and absorb the “evil” that comes from the western world. The small attack on South Korea 6 months ago may have been a quiet knock on the door of monumental change, but how the situation in North Korea eventually plays out will have an incredibly influential impact on global history. Few options exist, but it is fairly unlikely that the North Korean government is going to give in to international demands which leads me to believe that further military actions will eventually occur once the country’s situation worsens to obscene levels, which they can no longer keep a secret, and the rest of the global community may realize they once again reacted too late and incorrectly in their moves to improve humanitarian situations around the world and attain the stability of world peace all of this military action is supposed to be accomplishing.

NEXT TIME: Intensity clearly leads to more global attention...especially if you are not an ally of the US and in oil territory

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Pakistan, you clever mother #@%&*$!!!

So, Pakistan, what the hell?  How did you not realize that the world’s chief leader in extreme terrorism was hiding out in a million dollar mansion compound, directly in the middle of an affluent area of Pakistan, not too far from Islamabad, the nation’s capital?  Oddly enough, although Bin Laden was near a very populated part of Pakistan, he was still quite far away from any of his supporters that the U.S. had been fighting for some time now.  So, how do we, the superpower of this day, the empire, so to speak, deal with such a delicate situation as this?  According to the CRS Report for Congress, Pakistan has received billions of dollars from the U.S. since 9/11, as have many other Middle East countries that are involved in combating the war on terror.  Now government officials are saying that we should consider withholding these allocations to Pakistan until we get

Abbottabad, where Bin Laden was found and killed.

answers from Islamabad.  So far, they’re just playing dumb, and I truly believe that America would represent what “dumb” really is if we believe them and take them at their word.  “Before we send another dime, we need to know whether Pakistan truly stands with us in the fight against terrorism,” said Sen. Frank Lautenberg, a New Jersey Democrat and vice chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee on Homeland Security. “Until Congress and the American public are assured that the Pakistani government is not shielding terrorists, financial aid to Pakistan should be suspended.” .

In studying and considering this hiding place of Bin Laden, it was discovered that this compound was “custom-built to hide someone of significance”.  What’s even more noteworthy is the fact that this three- story mansion was surrounded by 12 to 18 foot walls topped off with the classy addition of barbed wire.

Wouldn't mind hiding out in this lovely house for I don't know, all of eternity?!

Hmm, interesting.  Not only this, but it was also discovered that this compound is owned by one of Bin Laden’s messengers.  I mean, realistically and seriously, how can we look the other way in term’s of Pakistan’s ignorance when we have this kind of blatant evidence that this place was known to officials in Islamabad, and even if Bin Laden had been hiding in secret without the knowledge of his neighbors, the compound alone, in and of itself, should have been checked and searched immediately, considering its quite the ideal hiding place for a man like Bin Laden, being hunted down by America for a little short of ten years now.

As many government officials keep insisting, even as Colin Powell has with his rather obvious statement: “Did nobody else notice this?  I don’t know how it could go

Remember this guy??

unnoticed.”  There we have it folks, so articulately put by our former Secretary of State and national security advisor.  So what the hell, Pakistan???

Unfortunately, this situation is much more complicated that I have made it out to be.  Pakistan has been through a lot of crazy shit since the war on terror began. For instance, since 9/11, there has averaged more than one suicide bombing there a week, amounting to about 35,000 Pakistani deaths.  Any successful attempt at democracy within their government has been avoided by the fact that all their effective government leaders have been assassinated.  Surprise, surprise.  Also, Pakistan’s reaction to Bin Laden’s death was not seen with rejoicing on the Pakistani people’s part, but we did see examples of angry, anti-American protests in Karachi, the nation’s largest city.  Another issue to contend is the fact that Pakistan has full confidence that America will lose in Afghanistan, as they have wholeheartedly believed since 2001.  They claim we cannot win there.  Also, the Afghan Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, has separated ways from Bin Laden, for quite some time, building repertoire with the American military, enough so that America might feel quite comfortable in withdrawing her presence in Afghanistan and in the Middle East in general.  This will accomplish his goal, which is the “establishment of an Afghan government that would reflect his conservative view of Islam in a country free of foreign troops”.

Truth be told, this problem is not solved as simply as withholding aid to Pakistan.  Most U.S. officials agree that “the more impoverished Pakistan is, the more jihads it would produce”.  And there’s also

Pakistan's nuclear missile

just that tiny little problem of Pakistan’s nuclear missile they’re developing.  Though we offered them billions of dollars to halt the development of their nuclear warfare, Pakistan refused.  One government minister explains: “We are now a nuclear state. So no-one can let us go bust.  We may have turned down billions of dollars.  But many more                                                                                                  billions will follow.”

Gulp.  This is not good. No bueno.  But these, I’m afraid, are the facts.  So what can we do?  In my opinion, I think we should just withhold the aid, I mean for crying out loud, we’re in so much debt anyway as a country!  Why support a government that very clearly is not cooperating with ours in any way, shape, or form?  First, they reject our money in favor of nuclear war development, and now we find the most sought after evil man in the world living within their midst?  As my father would say in anger, “Cut those bastards off!  Blow their heads off while you’re at it!!”

Fortunately, I don’t share my father’s same ideals when it comes to violence, but I will say that America cannot trust Pakistan, we should not trust them, and we must now make pain-staking efforts to discover how Bin Laden could have possibly been hiding in plain sight in this country; cause I’m sorry Pakistan, but I just don’t buy the bull shit.

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In Other News

Since pretty much all popular American media outlets are using every minute of non-commercial time to beat the dead horse that evolved from the Royal Wedding to the death of Osama bin Laden

Honestly he should be happy he got those 10 extra years to live and we didn't forget that we were still in the Middle East to look for him

I have decided to take this opportunity to feature the other events taking place in the world because while it might come as a surprise to everyone watching CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC the past few days, there are other things going on and the world has not stopped because a Navy Seal blew bin Laden’s head off.

Since our country seems to so often forget that tragedy happens right here in the good old U-S-of-A I have decided to begin with the devastation caused by extremely severe weather in multiple southeastern states. This was one of the top stories before bin Laden’s death, but the people affected who probably don’t really care that we finally found the FBI’s most wanted because THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE A HOUSE ANYMORE have been forgotten. Don’t worry though, Charlie Sheen has vowed to raise money for the victims. In my opinion you must be pretty desperate to write to Charlie Sheen for help, but now that most people have stopped thinking about these poor individuals who did nothing to deserve this and had no control over their fate I guess you have to do what you have to do. Almost 350 people have died so far from the severe storms and the rescue effort continues as emergency responders search impacted homes and surrounding areas. Not only were these states just rocked by a historic amount of tornados, but the end is not close in sight.

Not something I would want to wake up heart goes out to all the people affected

Tornados are not the only thing making life incredibly difficult for people in the affected areas. The future of many farmers in Missouri is unknown due to massive amounts of rain forcing the Army Corps of Engineers to explode a levee in order to protect the small town of Cairo. Unfortunately diverting this water puts acres of farmland underwater for at least an entire growing season and takes away many farmer’s means of living causing them even more economic stress.

Another important story that directly impacts the United States comes from one more ridiculous midwest politician, but this time it was not Wisconsin politics that started this terrible trend in legislation. Just like Scott Walker took the first move in abolishing unions on the state level, possibly to further his political career, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has pushed a bill forward that would prevent Planned Parenthood from using Medicaid funding and leave thousands of women without access to life saving health services. Radical conservatives seem to believe that by cutting as much funding for Planned Parenthood they can they are preventing abortion services from be being accessed and performed.

Similar moves to cut funding for Planned Parenthood were some of the main issues that kept the budget debate going until the very last moment and made our representatives look like a bunch of clueless, stubborn, selfish babies.
Ironic thing is? It is already completely illegal for federal funding to be used for elective abortions and the realllll majority of services Planned Parenthood offers are preventative services….and no, not live birth prevention services. These constantly protested clinics are miracles to thousands of women across the country who desperately need care like STD tests, and breast and cervical cancer exams, which are recommended to receive frequently if you show risk signs for developing cancerous cells. The services Planned Parenthood offers teenage girls are also incredible and I can say this from experience. Thanks to them I was able to protect myself from getting pregnant in high school when I didn’t know where else to go for birth control.

Counter Protests are Never a Bad Thing 🙂

Girls who are not so lucky and do get pregnant also greatly rely on their services to ensure their baby is healthy even when they are not so sure how to make that happen. The problems that will come from preventing funding for Planned Parenthood services far out number the problems the services may cause, but that is easy to overlook when you have a penis and never had to worry about having another human being growing inside of you or want to protect your health, but don’t know where to go for help.

Not a place I would want to call home

Prisoners in Venezuela have some how taken a cue from the protests in the Middle East and taken to using extreme violence to negotiate their demands. In order to force the government to deal with an alleged TB break out in the prison, prisoners took the prison director and 21 other workers hostage inside of the penitentiary. Not only were the prisoners able to take control of the prison in an act of protest, but just like in other parts of the world the Venezuelan government is refusing to negotiate with the prisoners until they release the hostages, which does not seem like the most effective strategy to me. Prisoners taking over their prison is not an uncommon occurrence in Latin America and the increase of drug cartel arrests in Mexico is causing large groups of the same gang to populate individual prisons. Instead of receiving a punishment, the cartels are able to continue with their criminal activities, sometimes the warden is even in on the corruption. The prison system in Mexico is so messed up and out of control that last December 141 prisoners were able to just up and leave through the front door their prison close to the United States border.

Just another day in drug cartel controlled paradise

Finally I chose to wrap up this brief supplement to the repetitive discourse coming from our news outlets with a story from the homeland of my favorite Hitler wanna-be. Fighting most definitely not cooled off and about 12 hours ago Gaddafi loyalists responded to a NATO airstrike by attacking Zintan, which is currently controlled by rebels. However, Gaddafi forces have a much more effective NATO airstrike to be seeking revenge for. Saturday NATO managed to kill one of Gaddafi’s sons Saif al-Arab Gadhafi and 3 of his grandkids, but maybe Osama should have hit up Gaddafi for some tips because the dictator and his wife were not killed by the attack, even though they were in the home at the time.

Atleast he loves himself

All sides in the conflict, including NATO, which seems to be doing a not so favorable job handling the situation, now seem to be refusing to negotiate since no one trusts that their demands will actually be followed, or even listened to. Not only is the violence getting worse, but the innocent citizens not involved in the rebellion who are forced to just sit and wait for the civil war to end have been blocked from receiving humanitarian aid they are in critical need of. I can see why Gaddafi is getting so mad, NATO did kill his 2 and 3 year old grandchildren, but he should have thought about the consequences before he decided that he was the only person allowed to rule the country whether he had popular support or not.

Thats all I will leave you with right now, but as a closing note pleasseee remember that there is more to what is going on in the world than what is being reported by the mainstream media. Even I don’t know what all is out there and I admit my access is pretty limited, but I do know I want to find out what that other stuff is. This stuff may not be that newsworthy right now, but it is still super important. Plus until they release the pictures of the body there is nothing new to know and it wasn’t that interesting without physical proof to begin with anyways.

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Follow Up: The Problem with Shape Ups

A month or so ago I wrote about how shape up shoes are sending a negative message to the American public, but now there is even more to be disappointed in. Kim Kardashian is now a sponsor for the brand and advocating wearing the shoes over having a trainer. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO GET IN SHAPE!!!! Many people are going to see her commercials, tweets, and television programs and look up to her and take her advice just because her celebrity gives her an authority which causes people to believe a large amount of what she says. Regardless if you chose to wear shape up shoes or the shape up designed clothing you still need to do other things to promote your own personal health — these shoes are not enough and if you think that you can ditch your trainer or stop your work out plan and still get fit, pretty sure its not going to work. While I realize that promoting these brands and diet pills is good for their bank account, celebrities like Kim Kardashian really need to reconsider the messages they are sending out and how people then follow their lead because they are such huge stars. Its not all about personal gain, making a positive difference in people’s lives can be just as rewarding if not more — so maybe one day these E!lebrities and other over endorsed stars will use their power for even greater good.

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Allllll about the dancing :)

I may get a lot of hate for my following comment, but I have said it before and I will say it again…..I think 4/20 is stupid. It is not a holiday by any means at all…even though most holidays are made up anyways, but since people tend to make a huge deal about it a lot of fun stuff happens to be going on on 4/20 and the day turns out to be really fun because people are in a great mood and despite the weather we have been having this last week, yesterday was nooooo different.

The Miramar hosted 4/20 Fest and I had a GREATTTTT time. Seriously, it was fantastic. If you like super music, super dancing and super tall boys of Schlitz and Pabtz on the low this was the place for you! I don’t know what happened before we got there since if there is a window of time that something starts Bethany and I probably will not be the most prompt individuals you invite to your gathering, but we will not be the most boring either so that is a wayyyy better perk…..but I do know that we showed up for what we wanted to hear/see/dance to and that was Undercover Organism. If you have not seen them yet you should first ask yourself WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN WAITING FOR!?!?! and then quickly find out when their next show is and getttt yourself there, you will NOT regret it.

The only problem with the amazingness of last night was that stuff like that does not happen even moreeee often….or when it does I am too young to get in and due to events in one of our stories we just don’t talk about anymore Bethany can’t get in either.

I dont know about you, but I am ready for Jazz in the Park, Summerfest, warm weather, and some more groovy get downs

Whyyyy do such fun things like the get down last night have to be kept as a privilege for people who are 21?? That I do not know, but if there were more things like 4/20 Fest people may not associate the bars or venues that have a bar in them with getting trashed and start thinking more about the dancing and having a supreme time. Additionally if there were more reasonably priced, it was only 5 dollars to get into 4/20 Fest, all age venues and concerts EVERYWHERE…not just in cities the size of Milwaukee and larger, kids might not sit around bored then get into trouble with drinking and drugs. From experience I know that Green Bay would benefit GREATLY from this because that city is beyond boring and lots of people fill their time with interests that do not contribute to the greater good of society or preservation of their brain cells. But I can’t change any of this now, so I guess I will just have to wait a few more months until I can go out and have fun all of the time and smile knowing that yet again Wednesday proved itself to be my favorite day of the week 🙂

And just so you can get a taste of how good Undercover Organism is here is their song Lazer Face!! ENJOY!!!!

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